War on Christians

Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, I want to take some time to dispel a pervasive notion that has creeped into the public consciousness.

There is no War on Christians. Christians are not being persecuted.

Fact: The government, on all levels, is dominated by Christians.

Fact: The government has celebrated Christmas, Easter, Lent, and so on. Every. Single. Year.

Fact: Christians are the vast majority of the population. And have been. Since they killed off the Native Americans.

If you are the vast majority, and have been every single year since this country’s founding, you don’t get to call yourself a victim. If you have dominated all levels of government since this country’s founding, you don’t get to call yourself a victim. If we’re still debating birth control, abortion, and LGBTQ+ rights based on your religious beliefs, you don’t get to call yourself a victim.

Calling Christians victims and alleging that there is a War on Christians here is an insult to the places where Christians do actually face persecution. It is an insult to places where Christians are rounded up for the “crime” of being Christian.

If Christians are suddenly rounded up and thrown in prison, or if they’re forced to register into a Nazi-like database, or if they’re singled out for special surveillance, or if they’re forced to convert or die, then come and tell me there’s a War on Christians and I will agree with you. But reforming our government to be more secular (and to ensure the separation of church and state) is not a War on Christians. It is just the fulfillment of the promise of our Constitution.

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